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If you’re trying to energize and engage your workforce and boost productivity, then know this: TIME is the new currency. Got a strategy? We can help.

yourSABBATICAL Identifies Time Away From Work as Innovative Solution to Flexibility and "Life-Work" Issues

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yourSABBATICAL Identifies Time Away From Work as Innovative Solution

to Flexibility and “Life-Work” Issues

Leading Sabbatical Consultants Receive National Award for Their Model of Flexibility

ATLANTA – March 12, 2009 – With the economic downturn and job uncertainty, employees are re-evaluating their work and personal lives and placing a high value on “balance” for the long term. Smart companies recognize that rejuvenation and creativity are essential in developing a workforce poised for success. As a result, sabbaticals are increasingly the choice offering of employers aiming to address the personal work life demands of employees, as well as to manage their own bottom line to find the most cost-effective options while maintaining brand loyalty, profitability and productivity.

Business Sabbaticals a Necessity to Attract, Retain and Accelerate Top Talent

yourSABBATICAL, which partners with businesses to deploy programs that attract, retain, and accelerate top talent through the use of highly planned and structured leaves of absences, says that sabbaticals – more than other flexibility offerings – allow a worker time to renew and recharge. yourSABBATICAL’s executive team has a successful track record of working with mid-sized businesses, in addition to Fortune 500 companies such as General Electric, Coca-Cola, Target, American Express, Delta, and AT&T.  As the career trajectory lengthens due to dwindling retirement funds and people living longer, sabbaticals are no longer a “perk” but rather a necessity.

“Now is the time to strip away any and all preconceived notions in business,” said Elizabeth Pagano, a founding partner of yourSABBATICAL.  “As an employee, you have to think in survival mode.  As an employer you have to be creative and smart to attract and retain the best talent.  yourSABBATICAL offers tools to give all those in the web of commerce their best opportunity to succeed in a raw and fearful climate, and to emerge stronger, better prepared and more productive than ever.” Resourceful Site to Build Cost-Effective, Successful Sabbatical Programs

To help companies and individuals interested in sabbaticals, yourSABBATICAL created, where visitors can learn about the benefits of sabbaticals, discover companies that offer sabbaticals, and, if their company already has a sabbatical program, find out how it compares to other programs. The website and blog network has all the planning resources needed, along with real people who share their career break experiences.

“Even in an economic downturn, successful employers will continue to build their employer brand and explore ways to address the workforce’s life-work – not work life – needs,” says Barbara Pagano, also a founding partner of yourSABBATICAL. “If designed properly, a sabbatical program offers a cost-effective solution that attracts, retains, develops and accelerates talent for years to come.”

yourSABBATICAL Receives Work Life Industry Award

For its innovative work in sabbaticals, yourSABBATICAL received the 2009 Moving into the Future Award, presented annually by The Conference Board. The award was presented to yourSABBATICAL on Tuesday, March 10th, in New Orleans at The Conference Board’s annual Work Life Conference, co-presented with the Families and Work Institute, a thought-leader business event addressing work life issues.

The Conference Board’s Work Life Leadership Council established the Moving into the Future Awards in 2002 to recognize leadership and innovation in responding to the changing needs of the workforce, workplace, and community in ways that yield positive impacts for multiple stakeholders. Recipients are selected through a rigorous review and scoring process conducted by a subcommittee of the Council and recognized at The Conference Board’s annual Work Life Conference. The purpose of this award is to increase awareness about these issues among the business community and provide organizations with replicable models for successfully addressing them.


yourSABBATICAL is dedicated to helping companies and employees plan their sabbaticals to make sure they aren’t just a fun vacation without measurable results. The firm’s process includes helping employees plan and craft defined goals the employee takes away and the business expects to get back; designing work coverage processes that cross-pollinate talent; and integrating business sabbatical programs with existing development initiatives.

yourSABBATICAL founders, Barbara Pagano and Elizabeth Pagano, are sabbatical thought leaders, bloggers, and authors. Together, they wrote the acclaimed leadership book, The Transparency Edge: How Credibility Can Make or Break You in Business, published by McGraw-Hill.  yourSABBATICAL has helped Fortune 500 companies with sabbatical and leadership training, including General Mills, Royal Caribbean, General Electric, Coca-Cola, Target, American Express, Delta, and AT&T.

For a complete media kit or to schedule an interview, please email For more information on sabbaticals and yourSABBATICAL, please visit


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