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Find Your Paradise Before You Retire: The SEAbbatical

From the cockpit of Das Boot, our 43′ sailboat, I watch a sailboat’s navigation lights flicker on followed by the engine’s purr and the drone of the chain as two cruisers haul in their anchor. It’s almost dark. There are few safe anchorages for a hundred miles. Where are they going? Were they off on […]

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TEDx Talk on Sabbaticals Sends Misguided, Dangerous Message

I love TED talks and TEDx too. Don’t you? Still, you should not believe everything you hear. Todd Babiak is co-founder of Story Engine, a start-up that uses story-based strategies to make organizations and leaders better: more focused, more cohesive, more influential, more human. I enjoyed his June 2011 TEDx talk, “Tell Me a Story” […]

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Cookin’ Up a Sabbatical in The Age of Disorder

In the brave new world we in which we will soon live, when this chaos is over, significant changes will prevail.  Will life be more complex? Will we downsize life as easily as we choose (as predicted) less square footage in our new homes?  Will we work less; sabbatical more?  Or will we choose a […]

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Susan Boyle Gives a Dream Some Welly and Your Pathetic Life Comes into View

Whether the frumpy, middle-aged Susan Boyle who stepped onto the “Britain’s Got Talent” stage is a “plant” or “for real” is hotly debated on the internet. It’s immaterial. Will she win the Idol competition? It doesn’t matter. She’s already changed her life …. and thrown down the gauntlet of possibility for us to change ours. This […]

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Can Moms Have Sabbaticals Too?

Moms of the world, this post’s for you.  Whether you work full time, part time or devote all of your energy to your family, are sabbaticals for you? Alina Tugend, a New York Times reporter broaches this subject at the end of her recent column, “The Best Time To Ask For a Sabbatical Could Be […]

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Working Less Doesn’t Provide Work-Life Balance. Sabbaticals Do.

The sabbatical trend keeps growing. We know that because at yourSABBATICAL our list of organizations offering sabbaticals (see Companies on a Quest) keeps growing. But if you don’t work for one of those companies, you may be on your own with the work-life balance problem. Perhaps you can make it happen by participating every year […]

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Off Your Rocker: Why You Should Never Retire

Here’s the sabbatical mindset – you live the life you want AND work during every phase of it.  Rather than swapping a career for a personal life, both co-exist year in and year out until St. Peter blows his bugle. The idea that people dispose of their careers after 40 years of plugging away to go […]

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On Forced Sabbatical? “Don’t Panic” is Sorry Advice

One minute you’re standing in knee deep turquoise water happily looking for shells.  Next you’re caught in a rip tide getting swept out to sea – fighting for your life. If you’re on forced sabbatical, you can probably relate. Here’s the thing about rip tides:  It’s relatively easy to escape unharmed IF YOU KNOW WHAT […]

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Why to Ask for Your Sabbatical in Tough Economic Times

Okay, it sounds loopy.  If you are lucky enough to have a job, shouldn’t you feel compelled to keep your head down, quiet your moans, and JUST DO THE WORK – your work, of course, and that of your two laid-off buds -and be thankful? Not necessarily.  You could ask for a sabbatical. Some really […]

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Can I Take on that Extra Work? (and step up my career!)

Bud Bilanich, “The Common Sense Guy”, in his blog, “Vacation Time is a Great Time to Establish Yourself,” presents your co-worker’s vacation as THE opportunity of a professional lifetime for YOU – who will not be on vacation. Simply by volunteering to take on some of his work, you’ll be growing your skills – and […]

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