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If you’re trying to energize and engage your workforce and boost productivity, then know this: TIME is the new currency. Got a strategy? We can help.


Find Your Paradise Before You Retire: The SEAbbatical

From the cockpit of Das Boot, our 43′ sailboat, I watch a sailboat’s navigation lights flicker on followed by the engine’s purr and the drone of the chain as two cruisers haul in their anchor. It’s almost dark. There are few safe anchorages for a hundred miles. Where are they going? Were they off on […]

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Leaving for a Year-Long Sabbatical? How to Gain Goodwill from Your Boss and Co-Workers.

“I feel I have mastered my craft,” said Carolyn. She also had reached the pinnacle of job titles in her organization and was burnt out. After 15 years of hard work, Carolyn would quit her job in two months and leave on a sabbatical year with her partner, Roger. After that she’ll return to a […]

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How to Create High Return on Your Sabbatical

A sabbatical is an extraordinary adventure with the potential to be a return on investment like no other.  Time, energy and money all converge to create a possible life-changing event. We know individuals who improve their leadership game, careers, lifestyles, approach to conflict, work/life balance and relationships after they return. But in the planning stages […]

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India’s Sabbatical Mindset: Resources for Your Time-Away Experience

We’d like you to have a purposeful sabbatical – one with plans and anticipated learnings. We’ll push you to prioritize and choose carefully. But sometimes we acknowledge that for certain individuals no plan might be the best plan. Twenty seven-year-old advertising professional Dhwani Ganjawala took a six-month sabbatical in 2014. Her experiences gobsmack even the […]

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The Single Best Practice for a Company Sabbatical Policy that Rocks

Let’s say the company announces a new program to allow time out from work – a sabbatical program. Immediately after a shock and awe moment, employees have a few questions.  Do you know what they are? They want to know: Do I get to go? For how long? Will I be paid? Can I do […]

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Dear Company, Your Sabbatical Program Makes Employees Worry. Please Fix This.

Ron leaves his workplace at the end of next week for a six-week paid sabbatical provided by his company. The opportunity to live in Germany with his wife and young son in the small town of Bonn has been well planned. He’ll attend language classes, travel and also call on a couple of prospective clients. […]

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You Want Me to Do Your Work AND Mine?: Guiding Questions for Pre-Sabbatical Work Transfer

Let’s face it. When you are away from the workplace on your sabbatical, people will talk about you. It’s nice to think they are wishing you well on your extraordinary experience and smiling as they tackle their job and part of yours. But in the preparation for leaving your work behind, a myriad of details […]

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Minnesota Public Radio – The Benefits of Professional Sabbaticals

Vipin Goyal, who founded his business SideTour after taking a six-month sabbatical, and Co-Founder Elizabeth Pagano McGuire join The Daily Circuit to explore the validity of professional sabbaticals. See full story and hear a re-play of the show.

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How Can Your Sabbatical Benefit Others and Your Company?

One of the most overlooked benefits of a sabbatical is the discovery that in your absence your team and co-workers can thrive. Yes, thrive! Your sabbatical presents an unusual opportunity for others to step into your shoes for portions of your work. They can and must make decisions without your input – input from others […]

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Want to go from Employee to Entrepreneur? Attend A Unique Sabbatical Experience in Bali.

Do you see your future as an entrepreneur, freelancer, mid-career breaker or creator of social change? You can gain skills, tools, insight and knowledge to make your idea happen … if you’re willing to move quickly. Why take a chance and zoom off to Bali in October for three weeks? Because seizing opportunities are how […]

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