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If you’re trying to energize and engage your workforce and boost productivity, then know this: TIME is the new currency. Got a strategy? We can help.

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The New York Times – Planning for a Needed Break From Work

Tips for talking to your employer about a mini-sabbatical to do something you have always dreamed of doing. Read FULL STORY.

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The After-Pregnant Pause: Is Calling Your Time Out a “Parent Sabbatical” Smart – or Not?

Who knew to call time out raising your kids a “parenting sabbatical”?  Seems this touted option elicits opinionated responses from moms of the world. In her column yesterday for the New York Times, Overcoming a “Planned” Sabbatical, Lisa Belkin features Barbara Hannan Grufferman’s suggestions for re-entering the workforce after taking time out to have a family.  Ms. […]

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The New York Times’ Trip Contest: My Mother Could Be the Lucky Winner

What do people usually want to do on sabbatical? Learn something, travel, and give back are the top answers we hear. Pulitzer-winning journalist Nick Kristof of The New York Times is offering all three in his Win-a-Trip 2011 contest. He’ll take a college student and a senior citizen along with him to a developing country […]

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My Mother’s Pitch to Nick Kristof of The New York Times

Gosh, I hope she wins. She really wants to go. My mother, Barbara Pagano, turned in her application video and essay on Tuesday night for New York Times columnist Nick Kristof’s 5th annual “Win-a-Trip” Contest. Two winners will travel with Kristof on a “reporting trip from the developing world.” This year, Kristof added a winner […]

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The New York Times – Making the Dream Trip a Reality

IT’S a dream anyone with a passport fantasizes about once in a while: ditching everything to travel the world for a year, or at least long enough to forget about office life. Acting out that fantasy tends to be reserved for retirees and recent college graduates, but some midcareer globe-trotters hope to show that anyone […]

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Dashed Dreams While on Sabbatical. Don’t Let it Happen to You.

In her essay for the New York Times on Sunday, April, 4, 2010, Coming to Terms with My Sabbatical, Michele Mendelssohn mourns her sabbatical dream. Eight months into a career break that she won, she says, “my original plan now looks like a delusional fantasy.  Though I have done many things on my list, I […]

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Stuck in Self-Discovery

A few months from now Scott P. assumes the CEO position of a large health care facility. It’s a huge personal and professional goal – one he has earned, according to written comments from his colleagues and direct reports on his latest leadership assessment. “Scott has our team working together and has been willing to […]

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