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A Mini-Sabbatical in Italy Fulfills a Longtime Dream – Citizenship

In early October, my husband, John, our two-year-old son, Liam, and I drove from Rome, Italy, to Frasso Telesino, a small mountain town two hours southeast, in the region of Campania.

Frasso Telesino had agreed to “sponsor” my son and me in our citizenship, and we were there to fulfill residency requirements. All of this was organized and made possible by Peter Farina of italyMONDO!, which helps people discover their roots in Italy, experience heritage tours, and obtain dual American-Italian citizenship. Peter, a warm, generous and uber-sharp guy, has carved out an interesting niche for himself and was recently named “Entrepreneur of the Year” by the Montgomery County (New York) Chamber of Commerce.

My son and me with Peter Farina of italyMONDO! in front of the Frasso Telesino flag before signing our citizenship papers.

People have different reasons for pursuing dual-citizenship. For me, it was about connecting with my heritage and providing options for my family and my son; when Liam is old enough, he’ll be able to work and live anywhere in the European Union with his Italian citizenship. I consider that a valuable legacy provided by his great-great-grandfather!

Our mini-sabbatical in Italy gave John and me all that we’d hoped for – a family adventure, time to “reset” and recharge, and a deeper connection with our son – and more: an idea for a new business and a design for our future (stay tuned for more information on these).

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