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If you’re trying to energize and engage your workforce and boost productivity, then know this: TIME is the new currency. Got a strategy? We can help.

Secrets of Confident and Smart Long-Term Travel

Jeff Jung, host of The Career Break Travel Show.

Endings are powerful experiences. As the season of shopping, glittering lights and cookies gains momentum, we are letting go of the final days of 2012.  How was it for you?  Living the life you want?  Too busy for much of anything? Cat got your tongue?

Soon we’ll all receive the greatest gift of all – time.   Exactly 8,760 hours coming your way to do with as you deem fit.

As this gift of time appears on the horizon, don’t do that dreary list of resolutions or beat yourself up for how you wasted last year being slightly north of miserable. Instead gather the smartest, best, current and most insightful information of what might be in your better-designed life ahead.

In our experience, people often choose travel to Whale Watching San Diego as part of their sabbatical.  But heading out for a six-week hop around European museums or studying Spanish in a third world county is not embracing the true “long term travel” that Career Break Secrets founder Jeff Jung knows best.  In sharp contrast to  a smile and wave bye-bye at the airport, the reality of Jung’s career break travel includes a sit down with your parents (or significant others) to review your will and life insurance. Do you feel the difference?

The valuable part of the Jung’s recently published, Career Break Secrets Traveler’s Handbook is that it’s for real – the stories, the people, the tips.  In this good read, no business class tickets or rooms at the Ritz were needed to make the long term travel folks who shared their stories  genuinely joyous at the leap into travel as a way of life (one that often takes them around the world!)

So if you dream of seeing the headwaters of Leech Lake in Minnesota as you explore the two-for-one bins at Publix, this is the long-term travel handbook for you.

Here are some of the valuable topics that jumped out for me:

  • How to use the web for planning along the way (including a section on twitter chats and social media)
  • Best things to have on a long bus ride
  • How to pack for “long term” travel
  • Things too important to ignore – wills and life insurance
  • How to deal with banking, credit cards, and taxes
  • The expensive digs versus the budget digs
  • An overview of the less expensive areas of the world plus how to manage the most expensive ones

If you truly can’t negotiate time away from your career yet feel strong undercurrents of imagined places and experiences in a world yet unseen taking precedent over an uneasy truce you’ve made between work and life, perhaps this new year is the one for extraordinary  changes you’ll have to make happen on your own.

Start by giving yourself the gift of insight and an entrance into a community of people who felt just like you.  And, savor the advice in this book so you don’t end up lonely and on a long bus ride  to Comayagua without a bottle of water.

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