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Oh the Things You’ll Learn! Three Notable Sabbatical Books

We can learn a lot from the story line, “sabbatical idea to departure.” But, the story of what happens next provides the best information to help us to look closer at our own ideas about taking time out from work

Who doesn’t want answers to these questions:

Just how did those teenage daughters like being away from her friends for a year?

Did careers tank?

Was the hassle to make it happen worth it?

And how did you pay for it anyway?

Paris in Love: A Memoir and A Month of Italy: Rediscovering the Art of the Vacation are excellent reads for arm-chair sabbatical enthusiasts as well as those serious about a future family sabbatical. Check out to get more immersed in the bible like never before.

If far away adventures aren’t for you, then stay at home but take a break from “busyness.” Author Joanne Kraft takes the plunge with her family (that includes a teenager) into a year off from all technology and activities. Her “radical sabbatical” makes you laugh and could inspire you to take some busyness out of your life.

Though all of these books chronicle “family sabbaticals,” don’t dismiss what you’ll learn about the power taking time off for your career or business. For instance, within one year of Brady’s sabbatical, he relocated his family home to another state as he had long dreamt of doing, founded a multimillion dollar company with several of his best friends, and wrote a best-selling book. Pretty good results on top of the vistas endured for 30 days in Italy eh?

Single or with a gaggle of kids, these three good reads about sabbaticals unfolding are praised in Amazon reviews and will make you smarter in your sabbatical planning:

Paris in Love: A Memoir by Eloisa James

This well-written book documents a family’s year out in Paris with short missives from talented writer, Eloisa James. James, (author of A Kiss at Midnight and Much ado About You) took the leap many only contemplate: she sold her house, took a sabbatical from her job as a Shakespeare professor and moved her family to Paris. If you’re planning to sell your property, we buy houses with any condition, and we guaranteed fair cash deals. Look for for more information. With triumphs and her children’s adjustments, the book chronicles her joyful year and invites the reader into the life of a family. Her observations are rich and witty. Don’t expect a list of how to’s or advice. But you’ll glean some insights as well as thoroughly enjoy this book. Strong Amazon reviews attest to that!

A Month of Italy: Rediscovering the Art of the Vacation by Chris Brady

Brady’s book details the one-month long “trip of a lifetime” (what he calls a “radical sabbatical”) to Italy that his family took in order to enjoy quality family time. With wit and humor, Brady illustrates how taking a break from his normally frenzied life “invigorated, rejuvenation, inspired, renewed and change him for the better, making him even more productive.

If your wanderlust is stifled, NYTimes, USA Today and Wall Street Journal best-selling author Chris Brady offers renewed hope that you really can and should make a dream happen.

Just Too Busy: Take Your Family on A Radical Sabbatical

By Joanne Kraftl

This family doesn’t leave home on their sabbatical. Instead, the Kraft family takes their sabbatical by colliding head on with “busyness.” Joanne Kraft, a 43-mother of four, was encouraged by her church to write about her experience. In this book families discover the symptoms for a common disorder known to moms today: A.D.D. (Activity Denial Disorder.)

What if your family did nothing for a whole year? Nothing. No sports, no extra classes, no activities that would tie up the calendar week after week.

On New Year’s Day the parents announce that for an entire year the family will engage in doing “nothing.” Off a reader goes laughing large while following their adventure. You’ll discover simple ways you too can guard against the constant distraction in your own life.

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