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Kiplinger’s – Ease Into Retirement By Scaling Back Work

kiplinger retirementThe bear market has ravaged retirement accounts, leaving many workers no choice but to work more years. Meanwhile, a desire to remain intellectually engaged has many employees eager to stay in the workforce. “There’s a trend of looking at retirement not as an event but as a process,” says Andrew Peterson, staff fellow for retirement systems at the Society of Actuaries. “It’s no longer one day you’re working, and the next you’re not.”

…a sabbatical – and extended period of leave after which you return to work full-time – might be a good option. “Sabbaticals offer an opportunity to try out something you might want to do more of in retirement,” says Barbara Pagano, Co-Founder of, a company that helps employers develop career breaks. “Maybe you want to teach English in China, or maybe you want to take time off to spend with aging family members.”

But even employers without sabbatical programs are often open to considering them, says Pagano. Your employer will be more receptive to the idea of a sabbatical “if it’s a planned, focused time away where you have goals for your life and career, and where you will bring something back to the workplace,” she says.

– Excerpts from the article, “Ease Into Retirement by Scaling Back Work”, by Rebecca Knight.

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