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yourSABBATICAL Defines What a Sabbatical Is – and Isn't

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yourSABBATICAL Defines What a Sabbatical Is – and Isn’t

Leading Sabbatical Strategists Offer Clarity on How Time Away from Work Benefits Companies and Individuals

ATLANTA — March 30, 2009 – It used to be that sabbaticals, which began in academia in 1880, were a way for educational institutions to compete with the private sector for talent. Contemporary research shows that sabbaticals rejuvenate human capital, enhance morale, accelerate career development, and increase the productivity and profitability of the organizations that offer them. When it comes to sabbaticals, it may be time for corporate America to go back to school.

Sabbatical by Definition

According to yourSABBATICAL, which partners with businesses to deploy programs that attract, retain and accelerate top talent through the use of highly planned and structured leaves of absences, a “sabbatical” is a planned, strategic job pause – paid or unpaid – whereby an individual takes time to disconnect from what is “usual” for at least four weeks, to travel, do research, volunteer, learn a new skill, or fulfill a lifelong dream before returning to regular work.

“A sabbatical is an opportunity to dust off and consolidate the boxes labeled ‘life’ and ‘work’,” said Elizabeth Pagano, co-founder of yourSABBATICAL. “Sabbaticals contribute to the betterment of the whole person, enabling people to contribute and thrive in more significant ways, both professionally and personally.”

What a Sabbatical is NOT

yourSABBATICAL aims to dispel the myths about career breaks and makes very clear what sabbaticals are not:

  • – Sabbaticals are not an extended vacation
  • – Sabbaticals are not career suicide
  • – Sabbaticals are not a “perk”
  • – Sabbaticals are not reserved solely for large companies
  • – Sabbaticals are not only applicable in a thriving economy

Sabbaticals Benefit Companies and Employees

Smart companies are leveraging sabbatical programs in many ways, including tying sabbaticals in with leadership and development initiatives, creating informal training opportunities and talent exchanges through the work coverage process, as well as connecting sabbatical programs with the company’s mission and values (i.e. making it a volunteer program, a research program or an “innovation” program).

“Sabbaticals lift people above the fray and frazzle of day-to-day life,” says Barbara Pagano, also a founding partner of yourSABBATICAL. “Necessary components of any career strategy, sabbaticals offer an opportunity for intentional reflection, personal reinvigoration and growth, transformative insights, and renewed passion – all having powerful implications in life and at work.”

Benefits of Sabbaticals

For Employers

  • – Talent retention
  • – Talent recruitment
  • – Retained wisdom
  • – Increased productivity, loyalty and commitment
  • – Revitalized workforce
  • – Cross-training and proving grounds
  • Bottom line boosting alternative to layoffs
  • – Winning reputation
  • – PR opportunities

For Employees

  • – Self-awareness
  • – Replenished energy
  • – Renewed commitment
  • – Surge of creativity
  • – Enhanced ability to inspire others
  • – Increased confidence

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yourSABBATICAL is dedicated to helping companies and employees plan their sabbaticals to make sure they aren’t just a fun vacation without measurable results. The firm’s process includes helping employees plan and craft defined goals the employee takes away and the business expects to get back; designing work coverage processes that cross-pollinate talent; and integrating business sabbatical programs with existing development initiatives.

yourSABBATICAL founders, Barbara Pagano and Elizabeth Pagano, are sabbatical thought leaders, bloggers, and authors. Together, they wrote the acclaimed leadership book, The Transparency Edge: How Credibility Can Make or Break You in Business, published by McGraw-Hill.  yourSABBATICAL has helped Fortune 500 companies with sabbatical and leadership training, including General Mills, Royal Caribbean, General Electric, Coca-Cola, Target, American Express, Delta, and AT&T.

For a complete media kit or to schedule an interview, please email  For more information on sabbaticals and yourSABBATICAL, please visit

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